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Cube Storm Duel Release Notes

Currently there is only a PvP 2-player local multiplayer  mode available. Gamepads strongly recommended.

Day One Patch Release Notes

Version 4

  • BUG  - 2 and 3 deep walls were disappearing for Player 2 after releasing them.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Yellow walls now sometimes head towards you. Shoot or dodge 'em, you don't want them to touch your ship!
  • ENHANCEMENT - Yellows walls now spawn more often automatically.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Because there are a lot more walls being generated in the field, a single hit will no longer empty your lives.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Power Ups spawn more often, because power ups are more fun.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Yellow walls are a little slower now.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Player walls grow faster, more shapes.
  • ENHANCEMENT - Bullet clip reloads faster.

  • Road Map (Based on Feedback)

    1. Play Balancing?
    2. Single Player Mode?
    3. Networked 2-player PvP?
    4. Mobile?
    5. VR?

    Note from the Developers

    Hi Friends,

    Ryan from Numinous Games, here.  One of my favorite all time games is Geometry Wars, the other Galaga.  I have a soft spot for arcade shooters.  

    When my oldest son Caleb (who is 13 this year) and I decided to collaborate on a game, I hoped it to be an arcade style game.  After throwing some ideas back and forth we landed on a game that is quick to learn, has some strategy, has quick rounds, and most of all has a lot of bloom (Bloom is what makes everything glow so pretty, I can't get enough of the effect.)

    Caleb and I shared programming and art responsibilities.  I threw in some very late nights, and low and behold, here's the early access version of Cube Storm Duel.

    We'd love to know what you think. What new power ups you want, what platforms you'd like to see it on, etc. We're playing with some new game mode ideas already, but  we want this game to grow with the players.  

    We're going try the Minecraft model where later upgrades will come with a higher minimum price, but once you buy it, you own it and get all future upgrades, for free.

    Have Fun!



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    Version 4

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